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Discover the Unique Sound of Brandon Marceal, the Flutist Who's Redefining Jazz

Brandon Marceal is not just a flutist; he's a musical storyteller captivating audiences across genres. With a unique blend of traditional jazz and modern influences, Brandon offers a musical experience unlike any other.

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Brandon Marceal's Landmark Signing with MBF Entertainment, Anticipate New Music in June 2024

In an exciting development for the music world, the talented Brandon Marceal has recently signed a deal with MBF Entertainment, a record label started by smooth jazz guitarist, Adam Hawley. This signing is a crucial moment in Brandon's career, showcasing his remarkable journey as an artist.

Brandon Marceal, renowned for his unique style that fuses contemporary jazz with urban and gospel elements, is set to bring a fresh and soulful perspective to MBF Entertainment's impressive roster. His talent as a flautist and his innovative musical approach make him a standout addition to the label.

There's more thrilling news for fans and followers of Brandon's music. He is gearing up to release new music in June. This much-awaited project is expected to feature Brandon's extraordinary talent and promise to be a significant contribution to the contemporary jazz scene.

This deal with MBF Entertainment marks a significant step forward in Brandon's musical journey, symbolizing his passion, hard work, and commitment to his craft. As we eagerly await the release of his new music, we invite you to join in celebrating this remarkable milestone in Brandon’s career.

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Latest Track

Indulge in the enchanting resonance of "Waay Up - A Soulful Journey," the latest single that is set to redefine musical horizons. As you immerse yourself in "Waay Up," you will find it to be a sublime melody that effortlessly transcends musical boundaries, showcasing Brandon's remarkable versatility. This track is a harmonious blend of soulful jazz and contemporary beats, a perfect concoction to stir your soul and elevate your senses to a realm of musical ecstasy. With its debut, "Waay Up" garnered a featured spot on SiriusXM Watercolors, a testament to its captivating allure. The buzz didn’t stop there; within the first week of release, the single amassed over 10,000 streams, setting a promising precedent for what's to come. This track is your go-to companion for fostering a relaxed, introspective mood, making it a worthy addition to any playlist that seeks to touch the soul and invigorate the mind. Now is your chance to embrace the melodious adventure that "Waay Up" promises. 

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