Brandon Marceal's Exciting Journey with MBF Entertainment

Brandon Marceal, a talented flautist, joins the ranks of MBF Entertainment, marking a significant turning point in his musical career. Under the guidance of Adam Hawley, a renowned R&B/Jazz guitarist and 14-time Billboard chart-topper, Brandon is set to make a remarkable entry into the smooth jazz world.

June will see the release of "Southside Party," a track that stands out as one of Brandon's initial choices since signing with MBF. This song symbolizes not just his musical talent but also his keen artistic selection.

Working with Adam Hawley, a maestro at the zenith of his career, offers Brandon an invaluable opportunity. Hawley's expertise in creating and producing music provides Brandon with insights and guidance crucial for a newcomer. This collaboration allows Brandon to explore new musical dimensions and receive mentorship that's pivotal for his growth.

Why This Matters

  • Collaborating with an experienced artist like Adam Hawley gives Brandon access to a wealth of knowledge, significantly impacting his musical evolution.
  • Releasing "Southside Party" under MBF Entertainment provides Brandon with a larger platform, enhancing his visibility in the music industry.
  • Working closely with Hawley, Brandon gains an insider's perspective, essential for navigating the complexities of the music world.

Brandon's journey with MBF Entertainment is not just a leap in his career but a testament to his dedication and passion for music. As he steps into the smooth jazz genre, the music community eagerly awaits the unique blend of urban and gospel nuances he brings to his flute melodies.

Stay tuned for more updates and the official release of "Southside Party" in June. This is only the beginning of Brandon Marceal's remarkable journey in the music industry.

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